This is THEE web designer. Meet the one and only Chantee Jackson! On fire is an understatement for this beauty!

Fierce and creative, her desire is to serve YOUR vision! She is here to shift, shape, edit and put a 'DIFF' twist on your brand! I've worked with this amazing artist and she's actually the genius behind my BDiff logo!  She offers nothing but the best with her fresh ideas, clean lines and creative concepts! It was truly a blessing to find and work with such a gem. Visit her website to get a close look at her DOPE portfolio! If you need a brand brought to life with graphics or a dope website, be sure to contact her and start your journey!! 


Meet Aureliz! (@arii_relizzz) My DIFF' and super talented friend who I actually went to middle school, high school and college with. Ha. We aren't that old! She's 22 and already putting her DIFF print on the world.  Crazy creative!  She did these wooden letters for me and added her own flare with Zetangle designs! I can put them on my wall, desk, wherever I want! Ariizen10 (@ariizen10) offers these amazing hand-drawn designs on cell phones cases, candles, planners, notebooks, you name it! Have them made for you child's room, weddings, doesn't matter! Get your letters and/or other objects today on her Ariizen10 Art and Esty Shop with 15% off any $10 purchase when you use the code: BDIFFRJ1.