A woman's pursuit from my perspective

When a man is pursuing you, be mindful and observant of what he's pursuing. Is he pursuing your current situation and state with the expectation of growth?... or is he pursuing his own idea of who he thinks you should already be but really aren't...? Sure he should expect certain characteristics before he really pursues you and being pursued is great. Being loved up on is also great; however, being blindsided by your own hand is not. Though there are men out there who slip through the cracks on account of charm and AMAZING cologne, it would behoove us as young women with open hearts to guard them. That's something WE control. It would be wise to do our part of the pursuit and that's not just leaning over to unlock his car door; that's eliminating the amount of emotion we use in making decisions that require logical thinking and wisdom-fueled responses. Your part of the pursuit is to exercise wisdom in what YOU do and how approachable you allow yourself to be. Your part in the pursuit is not to block your heart, but to guard it. These parts you play will not only aid you in discerning a genuine man of God from a genuine man with only good intentions...but will show this man how much you trust God to be who He says He is. This confirms to him that when you say "yes" to any proposal, date night or marriage, he is exactly where he is supposed to be... Make sense? It's a two way streak... Gotta learn how to be pursued. #youbdiff #women #pursuit #doyourpart