A virgin ranting; You're more than your virginity

So I was thinking (usually a dangerous thing - Ha) and I've come to the conclusion that there's more to my walk...and my story...than my virginity. People, ourselves included, have this way of making your obedience in one department ALL of who you are and they create unrealistic and narrow-minded expectations of who you should be. If you're not careful, you become prideful in this. You lose the truth and importance of WHY you do what God calls and commands you to do. I'm not waiting until marriage because it makes me look good. I don't wear it as some huge badge of honor for the world to see and I don't do this for some enormous prize in the end. I do this because it is required of me as a believer. It is one of the many ways I honor God. **I actually had a really good friend tell me that "I am not doing this for God. He's doing this for me.." and it SMACKED ME. Lol.. Listen, I am allowed to be more than and bigger than what people know me for... You're bigger than what people know you for... Don't get stuck in that one thing you do right and run with it. You're SUPPOSED to do these things. Get more!

I'm ALSO learning that my virginity should not be the absence of wisdom and other amazing things out there for me to grab. It should not be ALL OF WHO I AM. My inexperience does not have to be my demise. I'm learning to get knowledge and grow... I'm sharpening my walk with God, I'm networking like crazy. I'm hopping on planes and traveling; exploring new things. Mannnnn I'm LEARNING STUFF and I'm LEARNING MYSELF...I'm READING MY WORD...I'm LOVING PEOPLE AND BEING LOVED... I'm doing all of these awesome things and when the day comes for me to gift my virginity to the man who calls me wife, there will still be more to ME left. There will still be virtue, excitement and an expectation of purity intact even after the breaking of my hymen.