Go through the green lights you don't think you deserve

My over-analyzed interpretation of my accidentally snapped photo:

This is so reflective of what most of our lives as young(er) believers look like. God often gives us the green light when we least expect it and we squander opportunities He throws our way because we don't think we deserve them, they're not in the ideal packages or they're not as clear as we think they should be based on...what we made up; basically. Lol. I'm learning that God will sometimes present blessings and lessons in packages He knows we'll open. He'll put favor at the end of paths full of chaos, blame, insecurity, doubt, self-pity, destruction, generational curses/decisions, darkness, addiction...comfort-zones...because He knows that we will unfortunately BUT fortunately walk down them. My point: Go through the green lights you don't think you deserve, you don't think make sense...and that you don't understand. More often than not, those are the states we're ALWAYS IN anyway. God is God even when you're speech is slurred and your vision impaired. You don't have to be perfect for Him to be. Let Him work. YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO WIN. #20something