If I were a boy, I'd probably do it better.

There is a struggle with having to be found because sometimes, we as young women seem to know exactly what and who we want and we don't understand why we can't go out, scroll, select and date. I get it sis...believe me. If I could, I'd go and be with who I want to be with but what I'm learning is that "finding" is out of order on our parts. Our jobs are to stay hidden in the Word & drowned in our purposes. Ever notice when we take things into our own hands and flip the script, we find ourselves in situations that aren't very fulfilling at all? Or less than we know we deserve? We find ourselves settling and compromising when God intends for us to satisfy and cover in our relationships; To be wise and nurturing...not angry and tolerating, chasing and crying. Patience isn't easy. I know this. Staying in our places is not easy because we don't believe men know what they're doing. The moment they don't notice us when we think they should've, it gets tiring. I understand...but as believers, we've chosen to surrender all and that includes our desires to love and be loved. Wait to be found...and in the meantime, learn how to make the right decisions. Study God's voice and learn how to be approachable while keeping your heart guarded. Be ready... Your wait has work in it. Get to it! & remember, the race is not given to the thirsty, but to the chick who endures to the end. It sucks but wisdom and patience are your best friends in this season.