Hey ladies! My name is Rhema Joy and I'm a lover of all things Nutella, awkward and different. I'm 26, inexperienced in some things and experienced in others...which puts me somewhere between too old for child's play and too young for "grown folks business." Ha.. I do what I do and I write what I write because it's the only way I stay sane. Having others to relate to makes the world a lot less scary and yes, it can be scary even as a believer; especially in this day and age.. We live under so many pressures and I got tired of doing it alone. I decided to just be OK with who God made me and HOW He made me. Keep things simple... I want us to be different in the same way; relentlessly. ;) 

Ya know it’s a funny thing when you see life from one perspective. Sometimes, what seems so huge and so catastrophic in your eyes is merely an illusion. Because you see it from one perspective, it could be the most devastating thing. Then there are times when you feel alone, isolated and like there’s nothing special about you and there’s no one there to tell you the opposite. Sometimes, trying to maintain a Christian lifestyle in a world that does not necessarily cater to your taste can make you frustrated with wanting to walk down this path . For all of you young ladies…BDiff is for you.

Here on this site, I will share with you my experiences through blogs, pictures, quotes, music, scriptures, and whatever I can to make your journey as a young woman more enjoyable. I want to expose you to things that I have learned and hopefully, I will learn from you. It is my desire that you come back and bring your girls. Let’s laugh, let's live, let's love and let's exhaust every opportunity to be DIFF. ;)